Oh The Issues I Am Having!!!

I am so sick of talking to someone who doesn't speak English trying to tell me what to do with my computer and it ends up being the completely wrong thing! This has happened twice now and both times they were scheduled to call me back, they haven't.

I am going to try and resolve the issue myself since I am quite obviously more intelligent than the morons I have been speaking with thus far. Then, I will call them back and let them know how dissatisfied I am with the "service" I've received.


On to other issues:

Yesterday the roads were snowy and slushy and school was cancelled. Today the roads were icy and drifted and we had a 2-hour delay. Does THAT make any sense??? Anyway, the delays mess my whole morning up because Matthew's bus doesn't come until an hour after I have to be at work. Even though I work at the school, I have to be in at the same time regardless of when school starts because the lunch periods are at the same time. Steven's preschool follows our district for closings, but on delay days, they start at the same time. Thankfully, I have great friends and family nearby that are willing to let Matthew stay with them until the bus finally comes.

The snow has been an issue in other ways, too. Take shoveling for example. Matthew and I shoveled the driveway (and it's a LONG one!) yesterday and my arms, wrists and back are so sore. I really felt it at work today.

There's also the matter of trying to feed the dogs quickly before I left for work this morning. The snow was almost to the top of my calf-high boots and the walk on a dry yard is about 170 steps (I counted one day just for kicks). I had to feed them early because it was only about 14 degrees at the time and I didn't want to leave them with no water all day. Well, I couldn't very well go back, give them water and leave, could I? Poor babies would have been wondering why in the world I didn't feed them. So I huffed and puffed and trudged as fast as I could without passing out from the searing cold air I was filling my lungs with in each gasp. Whew.

I think I should get moving here. I still have to run to the store and get some sugar which I mysteriously ran out of this morning and, for the love of Pete, we need it for our tea and coffee and cookies! You can't make sweet tea without sugar. That just wouldn't do for me! :o)

Have a great evening and I'll be sure to blog back tomorrow with more riveting issues I deal with in my daily life. LOL!


Margaret said...

Dude - been there, done that.

All outsourcing, my friend, outsourcing. Sucks. Bad.

I wish I had better words for you. I don't dare mention it to Mark. He'd go off an another tirade. :)

p.s. - sweet tea? YUCK. :)

Michelle said...

We had "help" like, and the lady made my husband fry the computer. He knew he shouldnt have done what she was telling him to do. And after much more dealings with the "helpful" supervisors, we ended up gettting monetary reimbursement for the mistake!

Rebekah said...

Its supposed to be 50 and sunny here Sunday, but I aint gonna hold my breath

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

You could run back to the dogs, that would keep you in shape.