Warning! Whiny Rant Ahead!

After a nice long (though all too short) break, school was back in today.

I am pooped!!

We had an easier menu than originally planned, but I was still not ready to go back and I am worn out. The fact that I am STILL only being paid a subs wage is pretty irritating too. There isn't any luxury real estate in my future with this job. That's for sure!

The thing is that when I was asked to be a permanent sub at the beginning of the school year, I took the job because I was told that I'd be moved up to full wage after the first month of school.


Here it is, JANUARY, and I am still being paid peanuts! I mean seriously, after I pay for a sitter (and she gives me a break because she's my friend and she only actually has Steven for a couple of hours 3 days a week) and gas (which I didn't use much of being a SAHM) I'm just about breaking even. I have told the school district kitchen manager (very nicely) that I have only "hung in there" this long because I WANT to be hired in.

I don't think what I'm asking is too much. I do the very same job as the rest of the kitchen staff- we even rotate positions. I work just as hard and put in the same hours. I know I won't make what the girls make that have been there for years and years, but I feel like I'm being taken advantage of with no hope of ever having a position to call my own.


Rant over. I feel better now.



Margaret said...

Don't make me come up there and kick some tushie. Cuz i will.

you need to get that fixed, hon. THey are so taking advantage of ya. And that makes me ggggrrrrr maaaadddddddddddd.

Rebekah said...

That stinks. I hope you get full time wage soon.

Michelle said...

That is why I took a job at a daycare center. I get the discount on childcare and get to take my little one to work with me! (but the pay is so not worth it otherwise!)