I Hate To See It End!

So I'm back to work on Thursday and I'm trying desperately not to let it ruin the rest of my time off. I have enjoyed being home with the boys and Mike so much that I hate to see it end.

I like where I work, but it is exhausting. Most days we don't even have time to take a drink and it's move, move, move the entire time. The up side is that I only have to go back for 2 days and then I get a weekend!

That's what I'll focus on... positive energy... positive energy. Ommmmmm... ommmmmmmmmm.... Better!

Oh! We also get a 4-day weekend for Martin Luther King Day in a couple of weeks, so I guess it isn't all that bad.

So I set up my new printer/copier/fax/scanner/everythingyoucanimagine yesterday (which involved untangling a bunch of dusty cables) and it is AWESOME!!! I finally printed something out with it and it did precisely what I wanted without throwing a tantrum or giving me nasty error messages!! WOOHOO!! Mike and the boys got this little gem for me for Christmas and it does everything! It will even do color copies! Now I can scan in old photos and get digital prints and all kinds of fun stuff!!

I am also working on a birthday gift for my Grandma. Her birthday is on the 10th, Mike's is on the 15th, Mike's Grandma's is on the 17th and Matthew's is on the 29th. We also have a couple of cousins that have birthdays in between. BUSY MONTH!!! Anyway, I usually like to make cards or buy something consumable for her since she has everything already and she doesn't really need anything. I did find her some perfume a couple of years ago. She has always worn a perfume called Pique and they quit making it a few years ago. She started wearing another perfume, but I LOVE the smell of Pique on her and it wasn't right for her to be wearing something else. I found some on Ebay and bought her 3 bottles of it! That should last a while!

I'll post pictures of what I'm making for her after I give it to her. There is a lot (I hope) of family members that read this and I don't want to chance someone letting it slip.

The boys haven't quit playing their video games since Christmas day! And whoever said that playing video games leads to a sedentary life has obviously never seen ether of my kids play. We don't have a Wii, but who needs one with the way Steven jumps and hops around. I'll have to record him someday and post that for all of you. It really is funny!

I guess the crowd is getting hungry 'cause they're clamoring for food while I'm blogging away. Better run and scare up some supper before the natives get too restless!

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Stephanie said...

Sounds like a great gift!