WFMW: Laundry Help

In the winter, my laundry pile grows even faster than usual. Shirt sleeves and pant legs are longer and I just can't fit as many items in a load.

I generally do one load a day with an extra two loads somewhere in the week for sheets and bath towels. Total: about 9 loads per week. Winter ups that to about 11 just from the extra length in sleeves and legs. Add to that the hunting clothes, muddy or wet clothes and the occasional coat and I am up to almost 2 loads a day.

Don't they make some kind of a patch for that kind of habit?!?!

At any rate, I am willing to try just about any laundry tips I can find. One little gem that was passed on to me recently has been a lifesaver and I thought I'd pass it on to you.

To get blood out of fabric, pour a little bit of peroxide on it!!!

Mike got blood on his pants from one of his deer and I was talking about how it hadn't come out in the wash. A friend told me that she uses peroxide when she pricks her finger quilting. I didn't think it would work since the jeans had already been through the wash and were still sitting in my washer wet, but I was willing to try it out. The blood came right out the next time through the wash!

I've even tried this on some old blood stains. If you pour the peroxide on them and let them sit overnight, it will get most, if not all, of it out!

I'm off to read some more tips at Rocks In My Dryer and maybe check out Bush furniture for some gift ideas. Have a great WFMW!!!


Emily said...

Brilliant! I'm totally using this!

4urpets said...

Great tip. I will remember that next time I have blood on my clothes.

FamilyBriefs.com said...

Thanks for this tip! Peroxide is a bleaching agent . . . does it bleach the clothes any? If not, I'm definitely going to try it!