What Would You Do With An Extra $1000?

Someone asked me this very question the other day.

"You can't spend it on anything like bills either," she stipulated.

"I guess I'd buy a new vacuum cleaner," was my response. I don't really need one, but I'd like to get a high-end one like one of the Miele HEPA vacuums or a Dyson the next time I buy one.

Now, I'm not the type that needs to have the best or the most expensive of anything, but the next vacuum I buy is going to be a sturdy one and I've found that with appliances you usually get what you pay for.

What would you do with an extra $1000?


Mandy said...

Right now if I had an extra $1000 I'd save it for my trip to New York. If I wasn't going to new york I'd buy ME some new clothes and shoes. I always buy for the kids and not myself. Jason even has more clothes than me! I kidnap Mom's Dyson all the time. It's for animals and works great on Buddy's hair. It even makes my carpet look fluffy!

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you I didn't buy the dyson.My brother -in-law bought this dyson.He told Ernie that it wasn't sucking up stuff like at first.He said if we get it fixed,we could have it.Ernie blew it all out with the air compressor and it works fine.He already bought a new one.I don't think I would put out $800.00 for a vaccum sweeper,but it really works wonderful.My brother-in-law didn't realize after sweeping three canisters of cat hair ,maybe he should blow it out.He has about 16 cats.

delilah said...

I have a Dyson and LOVE it. It works great and you get to see the results -I love that part. Also it is easy to clean or unclog. If I had $1000 I'd save it for this camera I want or buy Christmas presents.

BTW...happy belated birthday - you are 25 right?

Rebekah said...

Id take the family out to eat and take them all shopping. Oh and I would get myself a new cel phone. Since I am a loyal customer, I have to pay FULL price