Its Finally Over!!!

Our school's 10th Annual Fall Festival was last night.

Every Fall, our School's Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) holds a Fall Festival for the community. Its a carnival-style party complete with a raffle, games, food and prizes.

My friend and I are the co-chairs of the event.

The event takes a lot of planning and work, but it is totally worth it in the end. The kids all have such a good time and it brings the community together.

I am so glad to have it behind me for this year. It was particularly stressful this year, but we made it through it with tons of help from parents and students alike. We have a few loose ends to tie up- calling raffle winners who were not present, resetting things for next year to hopefully avoid some of the stress and taking inventory of the prizes that are left over.

With this and pee-wee football season over, I feel a relief. I can stop being so preoccupied at work all day and I can start planning Christmas. Hmm... I think we should get some Nike golf shoes for Mike's cousin and maybe some cute purses for all of our nieces.

I plan to ease back into a blogging routine, so watch for more posts and fun to come!

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Stephanie said...

Tim was just asking me the other day where you had been. Glad to hear you will be back in the blogging business soon. We missed ya!