Jordan Driving!?!?!

My niece Jordan is about to get her learner's permit. One week from today to be exact.

Seems like just yesterday she was a little 4 year-old on a tricycle. That's what she was doing the first time I met her. I had spoken to her on the phone several times (like every time I talked to Mike) and she was a doll.
She liked to do my hair before Mike and I would go out. I'd always have to re-do it on the way so it looked normal again, but I'd be sure to wait until we were out of sight so I wouldn't hurt her feelings.

When Jordan was little, she was fascinated with diamond rings. So much so that she even got a tiny one for her birthday once. It won't be long that she'll be getting her very own diamond ring from someone other than her Mom and Dad.


Margaret said...

She's a beautiful young woman!!

Rebekah said...

What a great smile she had