I Need Your Help!

I am swamped!

I am in (co) charge of our elementary school's fall festival and we are very busy getting things all ready for the big night.

We're looking for businesses to donate prizes for our raffle and we're always looking for new games for the kids to play. We run it kind of like Chuck E. Cheese in that we sell tickets at the door, the kids use the tickets to play the games and they win a ticket or candy (consolation) depending on how they do during the game. The tickets can then be redeemed for prizes.

So far, we have a football toss, beanbag toss, sucker tree, face painting, duck pond, golf ball rolling game, putting game, ring toss, plinko and muffin tin toss. We have had an animal inflatable in the past, but it is out of our budget this year.

Would you all be willing to give me some ideas? Have you attended a carnival at a church or school that had any neat games for kids and grown-ups alike? Do you have any new concepts you'd be willing to share? I'd really appreciate some fresh input.


Cheryl said...

Oh, I remember those days. The kids get to excited. It's so much fun just watching them! One of the elementary school teachers that was a really good sport let the kids toss wet sponges at his face which was sticking out a round cutout like you see at the Fairs. Needless to say, the kids thought this was a TOTAL HOOT!

Margaret said...

Now that throwing a wet sponge sounds kinda fun and the kiddos would love it.

kailani said...

The ones that I've been too have been strictly for kids.They also had bowling, golf, tattoos, pop corn machines, cotton candy machines, etc.

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

Really popular at our church carnival is a cake walk. Another thing the kids have enjoyed is racing those bouncy things (you know, with the handle that you sit on).