Gimmie Some Opinions, People.

Mike wants to get some new light fixtures. He wants to take down my light in the dining room (which I really love) and put up a ceiling fan.

Ladies, help me out here! I like my dainty little light fixture with the frosted, fluted diffusers at the end of swan neck-like arms. I don't really want a fan blowing down on my dinner table or my crafts or whatever else I might be using the table for. We set a fan on the floor in the summer (we don't want air conditioning) and that is more than fine with me.

He also wants to get another fan/light for Steven's room. When we built our house, Matthew was only 2. We put a baseball ceiling fan in his room and a neutral, but very pretty, one in the other bedroom. I wouldn't mind getting Steven something different.

What do you think? Should I give in and let Mike talk me into the ceiling fan in the dining room? Am I being stubborn?


Margaret said...

I am all about ceiling fans.

But thats cause its hotter than hades here 9 months out of the year.

Stephanie said...

I love ceiling fans too, but they don't suck in the cool air like a window fan does. You could get a new fixture for Stevens room and move his out to the dining room, or maybe the fan is too small for that room?

Rebekah said...

With the popularity of decorating shows, there is a greater selection of ceiling fans. When we remodled I came across some very elegent fans. They are pricier but you may find something you both could live with. They also have fans with remote controls, that might be more convenient to turn on/off when you are crafting.
During our remodle we were running low on cash so I didnt get to buy the ceiling fan I wanted for the boys room. It had light fixtures that looked like camping lanterns. Your boys might dig that

Lisa said...

Hmmmm. If you don't want one and don't think you'll use it, I'd say don't get a fan for in that room.

Wow. We only had 4 days in August that weren't above 90 degrees. So I forget about others not needing/wanting air conditioning. :-)