A Little Tip From Your Aunt Heather

Let's say that you are not a morning person.

This is TOTALLY hypothetical by the way. (Ahem)

Now let's say that your 9 year old convinces you that you should wake him up to see the lunar eclipse that is occurring between 5 and 7 AM.

You're up at 5 anyway and he probably won't actually wake up to see it and if he does he'll take a look and go right back to sleep and you can just wake him up again at 7. Right?



A little advice (even though I have absolutely NO experience with this).


Keep your quiet time to yourself!!!

If you want to have any shred of relaxation to your morning whatsoever... FOR THE LOVE OF PETE DON'T DO IT!!!

Now I have to get going because, "MOM! Did you know the mega Millions is up to twohundredfiftymilliondollars?!" "Mom! The Today Show is starting in a few minutes!" "Mom! We have carpet in the living room and I just feel compelled to give you a complete lesson in how I think it was made!" "Mom! Can you wake me up this early everyday?"

Have a good one everyone! I can just tell I'm going to... sigh! :o)


Cheryl said...

This is where you keep telling yourself, "I am blessed....I am blessed....I am blessed."

Rebekah said...

LOL! I used to get up early and go for a walk. Caleb asked me to wake him up so he could go to. I woke him up, he got dressed and went with me..... and talked the ENTIRE time. which I dont mind, it was a sweet moment together... but I missed MY time.
Now when I try to take evening walks, Gracie has to go with me. It was ok when I could push her in the stroller but now she wants to walk by herself. And this totally defeats the purpose of me going for a walk because we have to stop every 5 steps to look at something.
Oh well, precious memories

Anonymous said...

i LOVE Matthew!It just thrills my heart when you talk about his wonderful chats he has with you. Paybacks are great!Maybe he better not have any children.I hope he had a great first day at school.Grandma Sis.

Lisa said...

Oh I know! Its like they never stop talking... And if you normally wake up two hours before they do? That's two hours of QUIET. heehee.

But will definitely follow your advice if a situation like that crops up.

Mandy said...

When the gas prices first hit $3 I tried to carpool to work. I drove of course. I realized I needed that time to myself to sing really loud to get myself pumped up to go to work. I couldn't stand ahving to force myself to make conversation for 20 minutes. We all need something that is just ours!

kailani said...

Boy, he's sure bright eyed and bushy tailed, isn't he? hee hee

Margaret said...

Mark and your little man = long lost cousins.

I'd say long lost brothers, but that would make you Mark's mom or somethin. And then you'd be my mother in law. Which would be cool but creepy. But fun, cause then you could make a yummy thanksgiving dinner and I'd make the potatoes. Cuz I am not sticking my hands in a dead turkey's butt. And i'd bring the cranberry sauce. From the can. And the one without the whole cranberries. Just the gel one. Yummy.

Where was I? Got distracted by turkey and potatoes. and jelly cranberry sauce.