We TRIED Homemade Ice Cream

So today my kids, the kids I babysit and I attempted to make homemade ice cream in coffee cans.

Here's what we used:

1 large coffee can (3# size) with lid

1 small coffee can (1# size) with lid

Duct tape

3 Pints half and half

3 tsp. vanilla

3 Cups sugar


Rock Salt

We placed 1.5 pints of half and half in the small coffee can along with 1.5 tsp. vanilla and 1.5 cups sugar. I duct taped the lid on to ensure a good seal and placed the whole thing inside of the large coffee can.

Next, we added ice and salt to the large can and placed the lid on. The kids took turns rolling the large can back and forth on the porch for about 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, I checked the mixture. I could still see it was very liquid through the lid, so back to rolling it went. Another 10 minutes and it was still very soft- like a milkshake.

The kids were anxious, so I divided the milkshake up and let them taste it. We had prepared a second can of half and half mixture and I had it in the freezer to get a head start while we mixed the first batch, so I figured I'd roll that one around while the kids tried the first attempt.

The kids loved the first batch taste-wise, but they were ready for 'the real thing'. I rolled the second batch back and forth for 25 minutes. I opened the can to find the exact same consistency I had when I started. It was even runnier than the first batch.

My ice cream making ego was deflated.

I stirred it hoping to feel lumps in the bottom or something, but not a one was found. I tasted it and found the reason for failure was that my seal must have leaked and all I tasted was vanilla and salt. YUCK! Sadly, the second batch had to be tossed.

We had a fun time, got to have some milkshake and learned to double the duct tape next time.

Anyone else ever try this method? Do you have any pointers to share?


Rebekah said...

What a fun idea though. Sorry it didnt turn out

kailani said...

I've never even knew you could make ice cream that way! Very ambitious of you. Sorry it didn't turn out quite right.

silver said...

My husband did something similar in high school. He said they used baby food jars (probably to cut down on expenses, but the lid may seal better on the glass baby food jars). They also packed the ice and salt in the coffee can so tight that the baby food jar couldn't move at all until the ice melted a bit. And then they kicked the cans around the block a few times.

PeakmoreAcademy said...


Hope it works out for you next time.

We invested in the "icecream boot" for my mixer this summer and have made two kinds so far (and will be making some more tonight for my daughter's birthday tomorrow)

I hadn't known (or at least hadn't remembered) about making icecream this way! Hmmmm might have tried that first instead of the mixer attachment. Ah, well.

Mandy said...

We made icecream using freezer bags. You put the ingredients in a small bag and put ice melting salt in the bigger bag. Then put the small bag in the big bag and shake! It worked pretty good!

Michelle said...

I have never tried it that way, but it might be a fun cooking project for my class!