More Fun With The Havenosenses

Part 1 of this story can be read here.

The next day, Daddy Havenosense actually got out the weed eater to trim. This has to be the absolute hardest job in the world because it only happens once a year. That trimmer must be reaaaaaally heavy too because he has so much trouble lifting it that he can't manage to move toys or even pick up the garden hose- he just gets the trimmer as close as he can to everything- often raking the blades against whatever is in his way- and that's good enough.

Now I'm beginning to think that maybe something is up. Mommy H brought home a huge aluminum picnic table and started washing it off. The kids helped, too. They slipped and slid around the table covered in some kind of cleaner she was spraying on it without repercussion 'cause, you know, everyone lets their kids play in cleaning solutions.

The table gets hosed off along with the kids (probably the only bath they'll be getting that day). Daddy H hooks the table up to the 4-wheeler and drags the table to the very back of the yard.

Now, the table has these metal "legs" (for lack of a better word) that curve around underneath it and create runners that would make the table glide over the ground similar to a sled if it were pulled by one of the benches. But... Daddy H has a better idea and drags the table from the end so it bounces and jumps the entire length of the yard like a mogul skier in the Olympics.

After that came pulling thier camper to the back yard. Just as I was sure that they were moving into the camper so they could rent out their house (theres another story in that), a wagon with bales of hay appeared.

Friday night, we came home from dinner with my parents to find that it was all set up so the Havenosenses could have some people from their church over for a camp out. It was 50 degrees and these people were camping out in tents?

The camp out went off without much ado, but our dogs certainly liked having something to bark at all night and first thing in the morning. Who says you can't train a puppy? LOL!

The next day brought many more incidences of stupidity. Like when Daddy and Mommy H kept riding back and forth to the house on their 4-wheelers, but made everyone carry all of their sleeping bags and tents up to the cars.

Ummm... don't you people have a big hay wagon RIGHT THERE? Helloooooo!

They have also put SOME of the stuff away while leaving the METAL folding chairs sitting out in the yard since then. 3 days, people...

My Hubby and I are currently taking bets as to how long the camper will sit in the yard. My money is on either three weeks or that they'll try to pull it out right after a big rain storm and tear big ruts in the yard. I wouldn't expect anything less of my lovely neighbors.

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