Monday Update

We had a busy weekend starting with shopping for a baby shower gift on Friday. I took my MIL with me as we split together on a gift. It didn't take us very long to find something (that wasn't on the registry, but oh well). Then, we split up and I took the boys to electronics to buy video games while she did her own shopping.

Saturday there was an estate auction down the street. Mike went and looked around, but didn't end up buying anything. Then, he went with his Dad to help a friend set up his fireworks for Wednesday night. They always set them up on a trailer and put store them in the garage for a few days until the big night.

Mike actually made it home before we left for the shower and I should have just left the boys home with him, but they were all dressed and ready to go, so I took them.

Do you know how boring baby showers are for boys? Let's just say that after about 15 minutes, I was wishing I had left them at home. Steven was all over the place and he would not sit down.

He did take a great interest in the chocolate fountain, though. There were trays of marshmallows, bananas, pretzels, graham crackers, strawberries and pound cake to dip into the flowing chocolate which was placed on a bench that wrapped around the deck. It was at the perfect height for Steven. It was a really great idea and it tasted good, but never, ever turn a five-year-old loose on a running chocolate fountain! I darted over each time he headed that way to help him. I was so afraid he'd let a piece fall in it, or he'd double dip thereby contaminating the whole fountain with his chocolate/marshmallow drool.

I resigned to filling a plate with a mini buffet of chocolate-covered delights so he wouldn't have to keep going back. He could double dip to his delight.

Note to self- never let Steven wear a yellow shirt to a function with a chocolate fountain again.

Luckily, I brought along a notebook and crayons to occupy him for a while, but then he noticed the lovely lady in a white dress that he started flirting with. She was really nice and played along with him the whole time. The problem was that she wasn't at our party. The party was held at a winery and they don't take reservations. It was still open to the public while they had 2 baby showers, a birthday party and a wedding going on at the same time. The lady in white was very gracious while Steven hid and popped out and sneaked up behind her. He poked her a few times after creeping up behind her. Don't worry, though, he had successfully licked all of the chocolate off of his hands first. :o)

Sunday brought another party. This time, it was a cookout at Mike's cousin's house. They live on one of the Portage Lakes and there was a little boat parade. The boats were decorated up like a luau, polar bear club, wedding, red/white/blue, Browns fans and a haunted house I think there were only about 12 boats in it, but it was neat to see anyways.

After coming home, we decided that it's time we had a fish fry. We haven't had fish since coming home from Canada and we usually have one the night of the fireworks in the next town over. We can see the fireworks from our backyard without having to fight all the traffic, but we are close enough that anyone who wants to go there and watch will have time to go after eating.

We had a good guest list worked up when the phone rang. It was Matthew's baseball coach telling us that the All-Star team is playing in another tournament this week and we are practicing tonight. We figured that we'd better hold off on calling to invite people until we see the tournament bracket. We want to make sure if there's a possibility of him having a game that might interfere with all of the fish fry activities.

I am actually glad Matthew has more games to play. I never got a picture of him in his All-Stars jersey at the first tournament (I thought they'd be in it a little longer. LOL!) and the league bought new vests for them to wear that the league will keep and use each year. They are really sharp! I also bought him a new white shirt to wear under the vest, so I'm glad he'll get to wear it for it's original intention again.

So that's my weekend in a nutshell. I hope yours was full of fun!


Margaret said...

Mmmmm...chocolate fountain

Rebekah said...

LOl,,,yellow shirt and a choc fountain. Did you stop and buy a bottle of spray-n-wash on your way home?