Look at the Freebies I found!

Thought I'd pass on some freebies I found on the web the last couple of days. Enjoy!

Get a free sample of Always with their new adhesive. Sign up here!

Get a free sample of BnT Jerky when you sign up for their newsletter!

Free samples of Splendid Delights Crownies (A rich, moist, sugar free chocolate fudge treat with a mouth-watering layer of 100 sugar free chocolate chips covering the entire top!)!

Free sample of Ziploc Zip'nSteam bags through Walmart.com

I'm off to look for more!


Margaret said...

DAngit!! The ziploc baggies were out. So I clicked on the "other free samples" and i am getting hair de-frizzer. That and Always pads. Life is good with free stuff!!!

Mandy said...

Watch that sugar free stuff! It can do a real number on the tummy!