WFMW: Snow Sleds Year-Round

Plastic snow sleds are great for sledding, but we often use ours for moving things. For instance, when my Hubby needed to bring 4 concrete blocks up to the house from the back of our 2 acre yard, he loaded all 4 onto one of the kids' snow sleds and pulled them up in one trip. It saved him from digging the wheelbarrow out of the shed and from making 4 trips back and forth to simply carry them. The sled slides easily over the grass in the yard.
You can also use your snow sled to move a full cooler out to a campsite or to tote all your beach gear with you across the sand. Think of all the comfort items you could take with you for a cookout or day at the beach; chairs, umbrellas, blankets/towels, picnic baskets, sand toys, radio.
This would be a great thing for gardening as well. Think of loading all those flats of plants, tools, bags of peat moss or fertilizer and other items out to your flower or vegetable garden. If the sled is flat, you could also kneel on it to avoid grass stains on your clothes. A sled would also be a great place to toss the weeds you pull from your garden or landscaping. When it's full, just pull it to the trash can, compost pile or wherever you dump your weeds!
Can you think of any other uses for a sled other than sledding?
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Rebekah said...

I have utilized a sled for moving items before, but you had some other very good suggestions... especially camping

Margaret said...

Hey, I live in Texas....what is a sled??

Stephanie said...

Great ideas. Kellen and a friend used one the other day to try to go down a slide. I wouldn't recommend it though! :)

Scribbit said...

Okay genius one, I'd never thought of using a sled for anything but snow. Great post!