It Was a "W"!

Matthew's team won their first game last night!
Matthew had a great game himself and he learned a lot in the process. They didn't get much practice in before their games started, so the boys on the team are still learning and trying to recall what they learned last year.
Matthew got a base hit. He then stole second and third. The third base coach was working with him on how to take a lead off of third and threaten the catcher with a steal. This happened three times. Then, there was a TINY window for him to steal home and the coach told him to take it.
It was the nail-biter of the night... well, for me anyway.
In a cloud of dust, he slid in to home and was safe!!
Next at bat, he hit a line-drive to the first baseman and was out, but he hit a line-drive anyways. We can always straighten that out.
Our pitchers had a great night, too. They had 3 innings of 3 up, 3 down. Then, one inning with one out already, Matthew was playing shortstop (his favorite position) and he scooped up a grounder and threw it perfectly to first base. I was worried that he would be so excited to get the ball and be able to make the play that he would overthrow it or throw it too hard, but he was awesome! The pitcher struck out the next batter and all the kids were patting the pitcher and Matthew on their backs as they came in to the dugout.
It was such a nice night and the game was over in plenty of time for us to make it to a cookout at my SIL's house.


Mandy said...

Way to go Matthew! You'll have to e-mail me his schedual. Jarrett doesn't like playing short stop because he doesn't have his own base. What a goof!

Michelle said...

Great job Matthew! I kinda miss the sports with the kids. We were very involved with Soccer before we moved! But we just havent gotten back into since then

Rebekah said...

Ah, yes. We have started ball too. I really love going to games. Gracie went with me the other day and she actually sits and watches. She claps and cheers....but I am sure when it warms up she will be more interested in the playground and I wont get to see too much of the game. Good Job Matthew!

Margaret said...

Woo hoo!! If he makes it to the pros, please make sure I get tickets when he comes to Houston. Huge baseball fan here! That is yet another reason why I want a boy - baseball games!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Matthew! Hope you play a good game friday. Pappaw and I will be there.Tell Mom "Mr. hero" Bye! Hi Steven!Love Grandma Sis