These Dreams

Mandy's strange dreams are contagious!

I had one of my own last night and I HOPE it never comes true.

I was pregnant. Make that VERY pregnant and VERY big and heavy. I had the baby on the bathroom floor and I caught him myself. THere was none of the traditional "mess" of childbirth and it was too easy to have been real.

The bouncing baby boy weighed around 15 lbs. and had rolls up and down his arms and legs like the Michelin Man. He could talk and had an opinion which stands to reason since he was the size of a 1 year old.

For the record, I was never very big with either of the boys, but Steven was very heavy. I truly knew why people described pregnancy feeling like 'carrying a bowling ball between your knees' after being pregnant with Steven. I only gained 25 lbs. while pregnant with him and he weighed 9 lbs. at birth.

Please also let the record state that I have not consumed any magic milkshakes or Spree in the last few days and I am NOT growing anything in my non-existant cornfield. :o)

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Michelle said...

Keep your strange dreams away from me! Although they are fun to read about!