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A few days ago, Boomama gave a review of a new CD she had received called Glory Revealed. She loved the CD so much that she contacted the company and asked if she could have some to give away. I believe her words were:

“!!!” and “I HEART GLORY REVEALED 4 EVR” and “I’m going to marry track #3.”
The company gave her 12 to give away! She posted today and I was one of the lucky winners!

You can visit Boomama's full review of Glory Revealed here. Here's a sample:

Glory Revealed - which features Christian artists like David Crowder, Shane & Shane, Mark Hall, Candi Pearson-Shelton and Steven Curtis Chapman, among others - is different from a lot of other stuff I’ve heard lately because every single song is inspired by and rooted in Scripture. And I almost feel like the words “inspired by” are misleading, because if I hadn’t heard the CD I might think Oh, okay - somebody read about Job and then wrote a song about trials. But that’s not it, really.
Because what the songwriters did for this CD was to set Scripture to music. There are a few deviations from the text because of rhyme scheme or verse structure or whathaveyou, but for the most part the lyrics are straight from God’s Word. And as a result, this CD is inspirational in a way that only Scripture can be. It will touch you right down to the very core of your heart.

If you aren't already an avid reader of Boomama, you really should check her out. Below are a few of my favorites from her archives.

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And the post that nearly caused me to need a new computer chair since I almost wet myself from laughing when I read it:
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Thanks so much to Boomama for sharing the CD she "hearts" with us! She's one awesome blogger! Boomama Rocks!

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