What A Weekend!

This weekend FLEW by, didn't it?
Saturday DH and I both got to sleep in until 8 AM! That's 8 AM, people!! Woohoo!

I like value adore cherish my sleep. I am a dead sleeper and do not wake easily... unless DH gets out of the water bed thereby disrupting the level and comfort of the mattress and making it nearly impossible for me to fall back to sleep.

Don't get me wrong, though, I do often manage to doze for another two minutes or hours on most occasions.
DH is a light sleeper and wakes at the drop of a hat. He seriously had to wake me up when the boys would cry at night when they were babies despite the fact that the monitor was right beside my head and cranked up.

We spent the day at Mom's to celebrate, my Stepdad, Ernie's birthday. We had steak for lunch. Believe me when I say that the only thing that could have made a great sleeping-in-day better is adding a steak that I didn't even have to cook! Yum!

While discussing Steven's vast knowledge of AC/DC lyrics thanks to Tony Hawk, Ernie played a CD of an AC/DC tribute band called Hayseed Dixie. They have taken some of AC/DC's greatest hits and turned them into zippy little bluegrass songs. They're actually pretty good.

Ernie promptly made a copy to send home with us. As soon as we got in the truck, he wanted it in the player. When we got home, he asked if he could listen to the new version while he played the game. He also wants to take the CD to Canada to listen to while we fish. Call me crazy, but I somehow think waves of AC/DC or Hayseed Dixie emanating from an aluminum boat would be counter-productive in the fish-catching department.

The sleeping gods were not so kind Sunday morning. One of DH's puppies started barking at 6 and I woke up at 6:15 to DH grumbling, "Stupid Dog!" As soon as I dozed back off, DH was getting out of bed (see above) and yelled at him out the bathroom window. That was good for about 10 minutes of silence. The fact that he was barking at a rabbit was evidenced by the pile of "bunny doo" sitting in front of his pen. I envision it much like a Disney movie where the rabbits sit there teasing the big, bad hunting dogs all caged up. They're probably trying to steal electricity from us like the rats of NIMH sneaking past the farmer's cat.

Anyway, we got to church early because the C & E (Christmas and Easter)people start to come back about this time each year. Don't misunderstand, I'm glad they're coming at all, but they look at us like we're the idiots for having Matthew save a pew for us. Matthew is there an hour before church for PSR classes and he saves one of the short pews at the back of the church for our family of 4 EVERY SUNDAY. Our church is also not very formal. We (and most everyone else) generally wear our tennis shoes and nice jeans. The C & E people come and stare as if to say, "Who let you in?" Then, this lady walked down the stairs and stood in the doorway talking! Hello?!?! There is a whole congregation trying to get out behind you! The elderly people who need assistance getting down the steps could fall; there are people with places to go. MOVE!

I don't mean to sound cranky. Maybe it was, you know, the 6 AM wake up call...

The afternoon held another birthday party. Our niece Jordan turned 15 yesterday. I can hardly believe she is 15 already. She had just turned 4 when I met her for the first time. Whew! Where does the time go?

The party was great and yet again, I didn't have to cook. BONUS!

All-in-all, it was a great weekend. Hope yours was, too!


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I got ahold of a sample of the aforementioned Hayseeds, and I wanted to vomit after I heard just a 30 seconds....how could they twist such music into I can't even describe what I heard.

Lisa said...

WHew. Busy weekend. Sounds good tho.

Where my parents went to church? Sounds alot like yours. And the C&E's don't realize they are sitting in YOUR pew sometimes. They don't realize that the people who do go each week go to pretty much the same mass and sit in the same spot. Isn't it funny though...

kailani said...

Sometimes I think Mondays should be used to recouperate from the weekend! LOL!

blackpurl said...

I wish I was a dead sleeper... I posted an article today on how to get better sleep! BTW, I stopped in to say "thanks" for the prize it came in today's mail.

Mandy said...

I swear that I'm the lightest sleeper on Earth. One little thing and I'm awake. Jason on the other hand could sleep through a tornado. Don't you remember when I use to yell at you to turn the T.V. down at night?