WFMW: Makeshift Indoor Clothesline

The weather is warming up nicely around here- for now, but wait five minutes and it will change.

It's even warm enough to hang things out on the clothesline. The problem is that even though it is warm enough, it is so windy that your delicates may end up down the street if you aren't vigilant enough.

There are also times when you need to hang something to dry rather than placing it in the dryer. Our snow/ski pants are one example. The plastic clips on them will break easily in the dryer and I'll end up holding them together with a safety pin next year- ask me how I know. *wink*

My solution is to take a spring-loaded shower curtain rod and place it above the basement door. This area is just the right width and ours just happens to be in our mud room. There are probably a few other areas that will work in our house, but his one is convenient for me.

To see what works for others or to post your own WFMW, visit Rocks In My Dryer.


Vicki said...

In the summer I hang my jeans on the front porch to dry. They make them stiff and easier to iron.

I love the smell of sheets after they have hung outside to dry.

Stephanie said...


Alexandra said...

Neat idea! I'm going to try this.

scribbit said...

Very clever you are!