Tackle It Tuesday: Where Do I Begin?

I actually have a few things I've tackled this weekend.

First, I was talking to my friend on the phone (this can take hours) and looking for something 'mindless' to do. I noticed that the refrigerator coils needed cleaned. I took the front cover off and cleaned it, took my micro-fiber cleaning cloth and went to town underneath it. I must have shook that rag out at least 20 times! EEEW!

I couldn't stop there, so I pulled the fridge out and cleaned the floor under it, wall behind it and the top. WHEW! It really only took about 30 minutes to do it all, but it looks SO much better!

Second, I washed all of our snow pants (incidentally, I think I tempted fate because now they're forecasting snow for Friday), the boys' winter coats and their stocking caps and DH's ski coat. I also ended up washing Steven's spring flannel jacket because he went outside on Friday which resulted in a very muddy Steven.

Next, we vaccinated all 7 of the dogs (5 here and 2 at DH's parent's house) with their 7-way shots, rabies shots and kennel cough shots. While we were out there, DH cleaned out their boxes and put in new straw while I held them. That took all afternoon and resulted in a very muddy me.

Finally, we blew the dust out of the old computer so we could go install it at DH's parents' house and bring them into the 21st century. While we were at that and had dust flying anyways, I took our tower out and had him blow it off, too. WOW! You wouldn't believe all the dust in that thing! We had bought canned air to blow them out, but it didn't have enough power (When did DH become Tim 'the tool man' Taylor? arr! arr! arr!), so DH decided to use the leaf-blower. He turned it down low to avoid damage and it worked wonders!

Sorry I don't have any specific pictures, but when I'm in the middle of tackling something I have put off, I don't want to be distracted by taking pictures.

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Rebekah said...

Leaf blower... thats funny. Arr arr arr

Celeste said...

Good job!
BTW How do you notice the coils while talking on the phone? LOL

Stephanie said...

Have I ever told you the story about Tim lighting the fire with a propane torch?

Great tackles!

Karen said...

You were busy this week! Good job!!

devildogwife said...

Sounds like you accomplished a lot. The leaf blower thing cracks me up, but it's a good idea. Great job!

Mandy said...

Why don't you come over to my house and do some tackles. I haven't got much done this week. Hopefully the rest of the week goes better.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Sounds like you got a lot accomplished!! Great job.


Margaret said...

Wow...I have never noticed if my fridge coils needed cleaning. i will not look, I will not look.

Jen said...

wow you have been busy
Way to go :)

Jennifer said...

I got tired just reading all you've done! Leaf blower - that cracked me up. Refrigerator coils? Wow - I can't even see mine, and I really don't want to pull that darn thing out to look - but maybe I should!