Tackle It Tuesday: Fryer

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This weekend, I finally broke down and cleaned out my fryer.

My fryer gets used at least twice a week. French fries are the usual, but being that it's lent, I have been frying fish and hush puppies in it a lot. I have also been putting off cleaning it and changing the oil. I regularly add oil to it, but it needed some new in the worst way.

I soaked the basket in some hot, soapy water and took out the removable oil pan. I poured the old oil off and wiped the whole thing out with paper towels. Then, I filled the pot with boiling water and soap. I let that soak for about 20 minutes. Then, I scraped it out with a nylon pan scraper that is actually made for baking stones.

It worked wonders and the fryer looks so much better!

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tennessee mom said...

Great job, I bet it was messy and nasty but I'm sure things taste better now:)

scribbit said...

Good tips, I'd never thought about how to clean a fryer before. Hush puppies? I've heard those are just fabulous but I've never had one.

Margaret said...

Ummmm...baking stones?????

p.s. - You are my favorite blogger. You always have the bestest things to say on your blog and on mine.

devildogwife said...

I'm impressed. Great tackle! I hate cleaning the fryer. Yuck!