Steven-isms #3

This morning...

I made a big deal about him staying completely dry last night. He stays pretty dry, but usually dribbles. He went in to change for the day and came back out.

Steven: (disappointed) Aww, Mom. I just scribbled in my pull-up a little bit.

His "scribble" was a skid mark. :o)
Tonight while putting him to bed...

Steven: Mom, tomorrow I'm going to take you to the ring store and buy you a shiny, shiny necklace... but don't touch it with your claws.

For the record, my claws (aka fingernails) aren't that long at all. They are really thin, so they break and peel easily.


Margaret said...

Scribbled??? now that is cute.

kailani said...

Did you come up with the term scribbled or did he? Very cute!