Game For Today

10 brownie points to anyone who can tell me what today is.

I'll post the answer this afternoon.

Hint- think Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.


Stephanie and Tim and if you want to get technical, Margaret :o) were all right!

I guess I'm not as crafty as I thought. Either that or Mr. D (or Ronny Gene as Stacy D. and I liked to call him after we found out his middle name) had greater influence than I thought.

In the first act of Shakespeare's tragedy, Julius Caesar, a Soothsayer twice warns Caesar in 'a tongue shriller than all the music', "Beware the ides of March."

The 'ides' was a common term in Roman times for the middle of the month.

Caesar was subsequently murdered on the ides of March.

"Et tu, Brute!"

Sorry, just had to sneak that one in there.
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Stephanie said...

Ah the Ides of March!

One thing I actually did learn in RD's class! :) Of course I have no clue why it is called that!

Margaret said...

Today's Thursday!!!!! Sheesh.. :)

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

JC died Stephanie. I knew that. and yes the first thing that came to my mind was RD.....

Mandy said...

Maybe if you wouldn't have posted so darn early I could have played too. I knew the answer! I said it to someone at work and they looked at me like I was retarded. Oh well!