Make It From Scratch: Cuffs

DH has more clothes than I do. I joke that he's like a woman- shoes and coats are his particular fetish. I have never counted how many coats he has, maybe I should sometime. For now, though, let's just say that we have two coat racks with about 8 hooks each and he takes up most of them with more than one coat hanging on a hook. My guess is that he has 12 in the mud room alone.

The problem with all of this is that he actually wears them all. I decided that I would go through the coat racks and put the ones I haven't seen him wear recently in the basement or in a closet. Now, I had seen him wear each and every coat within the last 3 weeks. DARN! The coats stayed.

He had mentioned his old Carhart coat needed fixed a few times. The cuffs were ratty and torn. He was going to use a product called Tear Mender on them, but there were spots without fabric to mend. I told him to let me sew some new fabric over them.

I got fabric sometime in December. It was camo, so it didn't match, but luckily DH isn't a fashion diva. I doubt his dogs would care what his coat looks like. I kept putting off the mending because I had never done this type of repair before. He does have two other Carhart coats. One is exactly like the one I was to mend and the other is a jacket type. The newer one is still really stiff, so DH doesn't wear it for hunting yet. The old one is much more comfortable.

Since spring is on the way and I know DH will be out running the dogs more soon, I decided it was finally time to get to it.

First, I measured around the sleeves at the widest part. Then, I measured the length and up inside of the cuff. On average coats, the ribbing (soft, stretchy fabric around the wrist) is at the end of the sleeve. Carhart coats are different in that the sleeve extends past the ribbing. The ribbing is attached inside the sleeve.

I laid the fabric over the sleeve to mock up the new cuff. I marked where it would need to be folded and pressed the fabric with the iron. I actually doubled the fabric over since there wasn't much left of the old cuff.

Then, I sewed the fabric to the end of the cuff on the machine. I ended up having to "walk" it through by hand quite a bit because if the thickness of it all. I didn't want to break a needle. Despite this precaution, I broke one anyways. *sigh*

I finished them by hand at the top edge and then, turned them out to sew next to the ribbing by hand.

I was really happy with the results!

DH's Dad said he'd look too fancy for hunting in it now. LOL!


Stephanie said...

Looks good!

Margaret said...

I feel for you. My boyfriend has way more clothes than I do. I think my stuff will be stored in the guest room closet at the new house. Ugh...

Alexandra said...

LOL...my dh has more than a dozen shirts, yet still wear only two or three of them, over, and over, and over. Great idea with the cuffs!

devildogwife said...

Great job! I ended having to do something like that for my hubby jeans on the cuffs. (He rides a motorcycle, so they get worn quickly).