An Island Life is hosting a photo contest in which we post photos of what inspires us. This is particularly difficult for me because I have so many things I am inspired by.

I am inspired to get up each day by my family. I am inspired to research and learn by history. I am inspired to sing different songs by my current environment and mood.

The one thing I keep coming back to, though, is nature. Nature to me means the natural things in this world created by God. Sunrises, sunsets, rain, snow, wind, fire, flora, fauna- it is all so beautiful in its own way. I marvel at the wrath and fury of hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, avalanches, etc.
I cannot even fathom the roughness of a rock, the tenderness of a petal, the beauty of the water, the grace of a breeze or the artistry in the skies. The lines and colors created in nature are endless. It fills me with wonder.
I am bewildered at the ever-changing landscapes through the world; oceans, mountains, plains, hills, valleys, rivers, lakes, glaciers all in one neat little package called Earth. I am baffled by the climates the many different inhabitants of those climates.
Then, it hits me that that is just one little corner of the vast universe. There are other planets and galaxies that we may never know of. What beauty and wonder would they hold?
Visit An Island Life to see what inspires others. If you are so inclined, vote for me, too. :o)


kailani said...

I think nature is definitely an inspiration. Looking at a sunset or a mountain range or the ocean reminds me how small I am compared to what's out there.

Thank you for entering the contest. Good luck!

Mert said...

Beautiful picture!

Samantha said...

What a beautiful picture :) I posted one as well...:)

Margaret said...

Nature is amazing. All forms of it. Fabulous picture...

Stacie said...

What a beautiful photo!

Holly said...

Nature is truly inspirational, things we strive to duplicate in one form or another but constantly ellude us for grandeur. ;)

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