Go To Sleep Already!

Last night, DH wasn't feeling well. Steven was determined to sleep in our bed to "help Daddy feel better. Please, Daddy. I'll tickle your back for you." He knows how to work the system.

I let Steven lay down in our bed and usually, he is asleep before we go to bed. This time, we could hear him talking to himself all evening. DH wanted to turn in early, so there was no waiting a little longer to see if Steven was going to fall asleep.

After much protest, I took Steven into his bed and told him I'd sleep with him. I figured this would let DH fall asleep without me snoring or twitching next to him and Steven would be appeased.

Can I ask you a question?


This kid was a ball of energy! To clarify, he wasn't feeling well over the weekend, so this was his first day back to normal and he had it all bottled up from the days before.

He talked. I shushed him. He tossed and turned. I rubbed his back in an effort to keep him still. He asked if I wanted to play Battleship with him. I firmly told him, "No! It's time to go to sleep."

He finally settled down, quit talking and lay still.

I started to drift off to sleep.

Then, I heard this tiny clicking noise. Click. Click. Click.

It sounded like a mouse nibbling on something, but it was coming from Steven. I tried to ignore it due to the fact that whatever it was was keeping him quiet.

Click. Click. Click.

Finally, I had to ask, "What IS that? What are you doing?"

His response: "I'm peeling one of my fingernails off for my Dad."

He did eventually fall asleep, but it took an hour more of tossing and turning and talking before that happened.

Now, before you get totally grossed out, he was just tearing off the end of his nail. Earlier in the evening he had, in an act of giving of himself, torn what was left of his nails and laid them on the end table for his Dad.

LOVELY! *cringe*

I just clipped his nails the other day and he insisted that I didn't cut them short enough, but I assure you, they were fine. Now, he has these torn little stubs for fingernails and one tired Mommy.


Rebekah said...

I hate those nights where they JUST WONT LAY STIL! and Josh picks his fingernails so bad, they are about 1/2 the normal length

Margaret said...

OK, I was giggling about him wanting to play BAttleship when he clearly should be sleeping until the fingernail part. That's just gross.