The Continuing Adventures of the Sleepless Boy.

***Don't forget about my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Scroll down to read about it and guess what it is!***

Last night, Steven wanted to go to sleep in our bed again. This time, I was the one that wasn't feeling well.

We could hear Steven chatting with himself. He never emerged from the bedroom, so we just let him be thinking he'd talk himself to sleep.

Ha ha ha ha ha! FOOLS!!

The chatting went on for over an hour, but never rose above a mumble. Suddenly, the chatting stopped.

15 minutes of silence.

Ahhhh! Peace!

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement at the end of the hallway.

There stood Steven with something in his hand. He walked out with his Cheshire cat grin displayed proudly... missing one of his socks. There is nothing cuter than a smiling kid in a t-shirt, pull-up and tube socks (well, one at least) that look like go-go boots to make you light up after a long day.

DH: (almost too sing-songy for a guy) Go to bed, Steven.
Me: (ever the typical Mom) Where is your sock?
Steven: (walking to Mike) Here, Dad. These are for you.

DH extends his hand to retrieve his prize and Steven empties a little paw full of teeny, tiny toenails into it.

DH politely stifled a laugh, thanked him and sent him off to bed.

We snickered and snorted till our eyes watered and our cheeks hurt. What is up with the fingernails and toenails???

We headed to bed a few minutes later and naturally Steven was still awake. He was armed with kisses and back rubs to further grease the tired-parent wheels.

One of the contributing factors to this restlessness is that Matthew is has spent the last two nights at Mandy's house. Steven sleeps with Matthew quite a bit, so we weren't too adamant about where he laid down.

I also made the mistake of taking allergy medicine in the evening. Besides the talking and playing and constant shifting from Steven, my heart was racing. I was so physically tired, but wide awake. By 2 :30, Steven and Mike were both snoring like buzz saws and I could take no more. I scooped Steven up and put him in his own bed.

I managed to doze off every now and then only to have the strangest dreams, sweating fits and cold chills. It was a night to remember. Good Times!

Now, I am off to demonstrate to the kids I babysit how much fun a real-life zombie can be. I'm most certain they are as elated as I.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday! Don't forget to comment here and on the post below!

P.S. I should add that I am okay. No fever and I'm surprisingly alert and awake for as little sleep as I got. The babysitting kids will be fine, and Steven will hopefully sleep until noon. ;o)


Vicki said...

Did I tell you to drink the wine? LOL Maybe the little guy needs some.

Joking joking joking!

Lisa said...

Gah. Booze does the same thing to me -- on getting wired. Been there many times -- where I can't sleep and there's two snoring men in my bed. (Husband and son, in case that whole "two men" sounded bad.) That's tough.

Hope your day ends up being good dispite.

PamperingBeki said...

Hahaha!! Toenails!! That is SUCH a kid thing. Love it.

I love that your blog is about sleep too, because so is mine lately... ;-)

Julie Q. said...

Did you train him to clip his toenails? What a brilliant plan. I need to do this with all of my kids. Maybe they can even give each other pedicures. Heck, they can give ME one too. You're onto something here...

min said...

Toenails! Ha-ha. Kids are so sweet in a warped little way. You should save them and give them back to him as a wedding gift.