Tackle It Tuesday: Baskets

Today, I am tackling baskets. Not laundry baskets, mind you. Gift baskets.

We are having a fundraiser for our PTO. The students (read 'parents') donate items to go along with a theme and the PTO (read 'I') put all of the random items into beautifully arranged baskets. I have 6 at the school already and I have about 3 or 4 more in my basement that I need to take up to the school today.

I will take a picture when I have all of the baskets placed in the lobby for display and then I'll post it here later on today.

Along with this, I've been working on another project that I'm not quite ready to reveal yet, but stay tuned to this blog for further information. I've actually put a lot of thought into it and the planning has been a lot of fun.

Well, I'd better get my car loaded up with those baskets and get them to the school before the Principal calls to find out where the heck I am.

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to come back later to see the pictures!

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Stephanie said...

Love to see the pictures. Hmmmm wonder what else you got cooking up there?