And The Winner Is... Erna!

Erna is the winner!!!

Erna was the first correct guess for yesterday's game of guess who! We laid the boys' little basketball hoop down so the wind wouldn't knock it over and when it started snowing last week, it filled up just like a smiley face sticking out it's tongue.

As I mentioned, Erna will win a prize for her genius. She has the choice of an assortment of Durkee Spices or a set of hand-stamped cards made by me.

I really had fun doing this! I may have to do another guessing game soon. Keep checking back because I have something in mind already... :o) Thanks for playing along!


Steven Novak said...

Next time I'll kick Erna's ass. ;)


Samantha said...

Oh Snot! I was right after Erna LOL Maybe next time :) I want those hand-stamped cards LOL *hugs*

Erna said...

LOL! Ah and to think it was just pure happenstance that I read your blog before anyone else did! LOL! Looking forward to receiving those cards. :0) Thanks!!!