Playing Catch-up

Have you ever had one of those times when you just needed to catch up?

That's what today was all about for me.

Besides the everyday, routine, mundane, repetitive, boring, same ol' same ol' (you get the idea) I had a bunch of loose ends to tie up.

1. Seems I am the absolutely LAST person in the blogosphere to find out that it is De-lurking week. I have been trying to visit a lot of new blogs and just see what is out there and comment as much as possible. I find myself looking for what I like to read and what seems to be popular. I only want to present the best possible reading material for all ten of my readers (oh yes indeedy, I've upgraded from 2 to 10 since I finally figured out how to get the most out of sitemeter thanks to BB101).

2. I took a bunch of paperwork to my new/old employer. I used to work here and I have started back, but they forgot to have me update a bunch of paperwork for my benefits and direct deposit. The woman, who I'm sure is a real sweet gal in her spare time (do you see my eyes rolling?), rushed me to update my direct deposit info only to call me an hour after I turned it in to her to inform me that my "first paycheck will actually be a live check that I'll have to cash and direct deposit will take effect after that."

3. I got our dogs' licenses updated. We have not one, not two, but five beagles. They are DH's hunting dogs and are all at the very back of our property (much to the dismay of me, who feeds them at least 5 days a week). I was going to get a kennel license since that costs the same as 5 individual licenses, but they are done with those for this year and we will have to contact the dog warden to set up an inspection to receive the okay to become a registered kennel. I plan to do that this year because I hear you can get a tax break on dog food from it and with 5 dogs, rest assured that we go through some dog food.

Note to self: buy stock in Purina.

4. Steven, Girlie Girl and I went to eat lunch with DH. We used to eat with him quite a bit when he worked second shift, but now it's just more difficult. Not to mention the fact that everyone now works on first shift there and we usually have to eat in the car. It was nice to be able to treat him to a hot lunch after a long week and see him for a few minutes during the day.

5. I made up some hostess packets for my Home & Garden Party business. I have a few parties coming up and I need to get those done.


I was going to upload my photo to my profile today, but it's a dead tie between #3 and #5!!! Please scroll down and leave a comment to let me know what you think. I may have to resort to using the very scientific, complicated method of drawing a number out of a hat to decide. And, let's face it, after going through the trouble of taking my own picture 487 million times, narrowing it down to the 5 that were actually usable and cropping them I'd hate to leave the ever-important profile photo decision up to a piece of millinery.

Help a gal out and scroll down to vote. You won't win anything, but just think, you'll get to see my ugly mug every time you visit from now on.

And if that's not incentive, I don't know WHAT is!

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