Let's All Get Older!!! Steven First!

Tonight DH was teasing Matthew (who will turn 9 on Monday! Can you believe it? NINE!) about his birthday spankings and pulled him over his knees to "practice".

DH can "never seem to remember" how old the kids are and has to "start over" again and again.

Steven (who seems to crave any type of spanking LOL!) ran over to join in the fun.

After Matthew broke loose and fell on the floor laughing, Steven hopped up on DH's lap and squealed, "My turn, Daddy! Make me older than Matthew!"


Rebekah said...

Just browsing. Enoyed reading.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

toooo cute and fun!!

And your comment on my post was AWESOME!!! that was so great :) Thanks for being so excited for me - that means so much to me:) And thank you for your prayers!!! THANK YOU!