Mopping up my heart!

I decided to forgo the Thursday Thirteen post today and tell you about what my little guy did yesterday.

I am a Designer with Home & Garden Party and yesterday a message for needed items was posted. The items have been discontinued, but I had them both.

The other Designer that needed them stated that the customer had lost everything in a recent house fire. The couple has 7, that's right seven, children. The youngest is a 2 year old girl and I believe the other 6 are boys.

I thought about this family losing everything; clothes, toys, Christmas presents. I thought about this Mother and Father and how they would explain this to their children. I have no way of knowing what their situation is otherwise; if they have family near, if they have other family at all, etc.

I went to work quickly. I dove into my gift tub and found 2 gifts each for Father and Mother and wrapped them with labels from Santa. I felt relieved that I had forgotten to take our "give away" box to the donation center and I tore through it and filled a large gift bag with the gently used toys.

Then, I went back into the gift tub and found some books and small gifts suitable for all ages of kids. Next, I went through my boys' rooms. I know we just did this, but surely there is more stuff that could be more of a blessing to someone else.

Now to the real point of the story:
Steven (he's 4 years old) came into his room while I was searching for some books to pass on to this family. He asked what I was doing and I explained the situation. He looked at the books I was holding and then looked at his shelves. He stammered, "Well...well...well..." I was waiting for the part where he didn't want me to give them 'this one' or 'that one', but instead, he began taking book after book off of his shelf and adding them to the pile. "They might like this one, Mom. Maybe they like Diego and Dora, too." I could hardly hold in the tears.

After we finished with the books, he came down the hallway hauling a large rug. The rug has a town and roads on it so you can drive matchbox and hot wheels cars on it. It had been rolled up and standing in a corner for a couple of months now. It's in like new condition and even still had the sticker on the back of it.

"Maybe those boys will play with this, too." Oh, but I do love that boy! He handed it over and ran down the hallway yet again. This time, he came back with his little arms full of cars for the rug. He tossed them into the gift bag and brushed his hands back and forth. "There."

And that's all I have to say about that.


Mandy said...

Tell Steven that Mimi said that he is a very good boy. Maybe Mimi should get him something special.

Holly said...

Wow. First time at your blog and I'm crying already. That is one beautiful boy you have.

MC Milker said...

Wow! It's at moments like you described that you KNOW you're doing something right!

Samantha said...

Everyday I come here, and I expect a good laugh, or a good tip. Well, today I got a good cry. Bless his heart!
I want you to enter this post in Kelly's Pass the Torch Tuesday Contest. You enter a post, about children who do good, or who are just great in general :) Go to
www.2passthetorch.com and kelly will give you all the information you need to submit your post :) I think it would do people good to read about your sweetheart son doing good for someone else during this Christmas Season! *hugs*

Pass the Torch said...

I'm in tears reading this. Sam put your link on my site for Pass the Torch Tuesday -- I'm so glad she did.

What a beautiful child.

Christine said...

What a wonderful story, my eyes are misting up. Your son is a very sweet child to be so thoughtful of the other children.
Glad I stopped by.

Mert said...

That is one of the sweetest things I have read in a while. You are so blessed with such a wonderful boy, but you already knew that didn't you?

This story brought tears to my eyes, you are a wonderful family for helping someone out in there time of need, and you are setting an awesome example.