I'm a tree-watering GENIUS!

Please hold your applause until the end...

I asked DH to cut more branches off the bottom of the tree this year since I am the one who has to crawl under the thing to water it. I'm getting older and the belly-crawling across the carpet with a jug of water thing just isn't as easy to do anymore.

I think my ever sagging boobs may be getting in the way.

So DH cut them off.

The branches, not my boobs.


Now it is so much easier to water the tree, but it's still hard to see where the water level is so I can, you know, stop pouring it before it overflows onto my parquet floor underneath.

THEN, in a serious stroke of genius (they're getting fewer and farther between it seems), it hit me! Put a fishing bobber in it!!!

I ran to the many, many, many tackle boxes we have ( Matthew has about 3 just by himslef) and got out several. I put in the biggest one I could fit in it.

Now, each time I water the tree, as soon as I can see the top of the bobber, I know the water level is high enough and I know when it needs water if I can't see the bobber looking down from above through the branches.

You may now applaud or bow.


Stephanie said...

Oh that is smart! I try to guage the water level with one hand while watering with the other. It doesn't work well!

scribbit said...

You are pretty amazing. Where were you this week when I accidentally knocked a half gallon of water over as I was watering? Hard to air dry all those presents you know . . .