I'm back!

So my sister is harrassing me to get back to blogging. She needs something to read, so I guess my little bloggy break is over. :o)

Our Christmas was so much fun!

We had my Mom, Step-Dad and Grandma over on Chirstmas Eve for dinner. After that, two of my sisters came by with their boys and we all exchanged gifts. The kids got to play and we got to visit. It was really nice!

My Step-Dad brought over a cable so I could hook a VCR up to an old console TV in the newly cleaned basement. Works like a charm and provides another play area for the kids where they can watch their movies.

The kids finally got to bed around 10:30 or so and I was up until about 1 by the time I got a few more things wrapped and all of the little details taken care of.

DH and I woke the boys up around 7 and it was a free-for-all after that. The boys were THRILLED with their new rod hockey table and everything else they got. Steven especially liked the pirate sword I paid a whopping $1.50 for! He also got a pirate's telescope that he was using with it. Move over Captain Jack!

By about 8:45, we headed over to DH's Sister's house to exchange with them. We didn't leave their house until about 10:30.

Then, it was off to Grandma's house for brunch which we are always late for. We arrived after everyone had already opened and some of them were getting ready to leave.

I have one pet peeve to report... do people seriously NOT know how to car-pool? There are always about 30 to 40 people at Grandma's for Christmas morning and she lives on a one-lane road with a driveway that holds only one car. About half of the people who come live nearby. Can't everyone meet at those houses and consolidate into less vehicles? WOW! We had to park about 30 miles away and pull over into the neighbor's yard so that cars could squeeze by.

Back to the fun part...

So DH takes our gifts out to the truck and moves it closer now that some people have left. I headed into the dining room to chat and watch my sister try to steal Grandma's new snowman nativity. She was only jking with Grandma, but I'm pretty sure that stealing a nativity would put her on the naughty list for next year. LOL!

No sooner had I stuffed half of a cinnamon roll in my mouth, that the boys some in the roomwith coats and shoes on, all ready to go. I was totally unaware that DH was even back in the house let alone ready to go. I headed upstairs to get my coat and DH walked in the door. I told him I didn't even know he was ready to go and he said the boys had gotten ready by themselves and came walking outside. They thought we were both outside and leaving them. LOL!

I figured that if they were ready, I should just keep them that way and we'd head home. We got to visit plenty with Grandma the night before and I wasn't about to tell them to take everything off and put it back on in 20 minutes.

Back home to put the turkey in and relax.

The kids played, DH worked on putting the rod hockey table together and complained that Santa's elves should have done it before delivering it :::wink:::.

We ended the night with DH's family coming over for ham and turkey with all the trimmings. Then, we exchanged gifts with his Grandma, Uncle, cousin and neighbors down the street. We had a really good time and everyone left FULL!

Hope your Christmas was wonderful and you got everything you wanted!


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

That's the only thing I think I could gripe about too! I can picture the whole line of vehicles all the way down to the end of the road. Did you see Josh's Hair?

Mandy said...

We should have thought about the car thing and walked. By the time we parked all the way down the road it would have been shorter for us to walk over! Josh's hair does look really good. Now all he needs to do is trim his go-tee and sideburns. Grandma's house wasn't too crowded this year. Kinda missed the chaos(sp?).
Hope everyone had a good Christmas!

Heather said...

If Grandma wanted chaos, we should have come earlier. Mike mentioned it would have been a shorter walk from your house, Mandy. I'm so glad Josh cut his hair. He really looked too much like Mark (uncle Larry's son).If we could get him to shave and remove the lip ring... it's distracting!